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If you want to talk to a professional in your town about your armadillo problem, click the below link for my hand-picked (over ten years) directory of wildlife control professionals, who I recommend. They will be able to discuss options and give you a price quote over the phone.

Click my - National Wildlife Control Directory.

My directory lists experts in over 500 USA cities and towns, covering virtually all of the United States.

Armadillos are the mammals known for destroying property, gardens and creating big holes. They are experts in digging deep into the ground which can cause a lot of damage to your nicely landscaped yard and gardens. They are really fond of earthworms and grubs and dig holes in search of their food. A number of cases in recent past have come up where they have made holes at really undesirable places including under a concrete porch, near a gas or water line or under the foundation of a house. This can be dangerous as removal of mud from underneath the foundation might result in damage to the entire structure. These holes also attract other animals that are happy to discover a ready-made home that they don’t have to build on their own. Armadillos are not usually harmful to humans, but their digging and habits do endanger your home and gardens. Getting rid of armadillos is not an easy task, but it can be done with the right equipment, knowledge and experience. Read more about Will A Pest Control Company Remove An Armadillo? and Will The City Help Me With Armadillos For Free

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