Will The City Help Me With Armadillos For Free?

There are many people who think that because the city and county governments will have a dog warden and will have people who deal with stray animals causing a problems that they will be able to deal with all problem wild animals for free, paid for by tax dollars. Historically, there have been cases where some areas may have had people who could help deal with pest animals, but today the reality is that these departments are already stretched and won't offer any services in terms of helping you to trap and remove pest animals such as armadillos. They may be able to advise you of local regulations, and refer you to a professional company, but unfortunately an armadillo issue will usually be down to you to deal with.

The Role Of Animal Services Teams

The animal services departments of city and county authorities are really there to help with public health issues caused by animals, which is why stray cats, dogs, horses and other domesticated animals will often be dealt with. Because armadillos are a naturally wild species that would be classified as a pest animal, this isn't something they will deal with as there is rarely an example of a public health risk.

Analyzing The Potential Public Health Risk

The type of things that would be considered by the animal services department will be if you can show evidence that one of the armadillos is rabid. There may also be some support available if you are living in an area where there is evidence linking the presence of armadillos with cases of leprosy in the surrounding area, which is a condition that does flare up in pockets from time to time.

What Can These Teams Do To Help?

In terms of the kind of support that city and county animal services departments may be able to offer, they will usually be able to offer guidance on trapping techniques and the problems caused by armadillos. They may also to be able to give you names or telephone numbers for companies that can deal with the problem for you.

Finding A Suitable Professional

Locating a wildlife removal expert in your area shouldn't be a problem, as there are some excellent lists of recommended professionals available online who will be able to deal with an armadillo issue for you. While it is a business as opposed to a government provided service, this is certainly worth the peace of mind you get from knowing that the armadillos have been removed.

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