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Trapping Armadillos - Ok, I know that a creature that digs it's way under one end of your house to the other, resides beneath your swimming pool and completely demolishes your fabulously landscaped garden is basically a marauding little nuisance, but am I the only one who thinks armadillos are seriously cool?

With their funky suits of armor they look like shrunken medieval knights gone wrong as they lumber around your yard at night digging the heck out of whatever smells like grubs.

Therein lies the grub...er rub. Cool looking or not, the simple fact of the matter is that a armadillo can do untold amounts of damage in your house's yard in their eternal quest for food, which nothing short of a fully enclosed fence (extending underground to prevent digging in) is gonna stop. This is either not affordable, practical or both for most people, so what to do?

This is where the fun starts, as usually armadillos just aren't that easy to get rid of by exclusion so you will have to resort to trapping. Now before you go running to the shed to scrummage out that old cat carrier with the idea that you can modify it into some kind of fabulous 'dillo catching device, stop, take a moment and listen...

You know what I'm going to say – leave it to experts who have experience... do yourself, your yard, your pets and your family a favor and call a wildlife removal specialist.

No? Ok, waste your money buying overpriced sonic devices and throwing mothballs, pine needles and ammonia rags down their holes to smell them out. You may as well tip your wife's jumbo bottle of Chanel No 5 down there while you're at it, if you really want to waste more money and time, and up the already high pissed- off factor in the household. Your other half is already upset enough about the upcoming BBQ next weekend and the garden looking like rubbish, don't make it worse. br>
But no, still determined to not let them 'dillos get the better of you, you press on, progressing to skulking around in the dark setting up half baked traps that only catch your neighbors pedigree daschund, and drive you very close to losing what little of your sanity you already have.

This is important. The ability to trap an armadillo is not a skill that everyone has. Don't feel bad about it, we all have our strong points and for most (sane?) people, those strong points usually don't include trapping armadillos. There are all sorts of pernickity little factors to consider that most everyday people just don't know about. Including me. Call someone who does know. Do it now.

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