How to Keep Armadillos Out Of My Yard?

We are usually proud of our yard and take troubles to maintain it. But all these efforts go for a toss, when you get up one morning and find the yard dug out with mounds of mud. An armadillo attack can be extremely troublesome and make you feel helpless at the gory sight. Well, you got to live with it or you need to learn how to deal with it and manage it. After all armadillos are as much part of our environment as we are and they are here to stay. But they are no doubt pests that need to be removed, controlled or barred and this is where it helps to understand their behavior.

Understanding armadillos
Armadillos are small to medium to small sized mammals that usually come with an ‘armor’ which has given them the name. They usually feed on grubs and insects that are found in the soil. This is why they overturned your pristine looking lawn in the night and turned it into a disaster with holes and mounds of mud. They were just looking for food; but that doesn’t in any way mean that it is not a nuisance. Trying to close the burrows or using any kind of insect or pest spray on it, usually does not do the trick when it comes to an Armadillo. They usually hide deep within and can dig their way out of any burrow and they will return.

Options to keep them away
The best option is to keep them entering; the best option is to put up a sturdy fence. The fence needs to put up in such a way that it goes a bit deeper into the ground, so the armadillos can’t try and dig under them and get in. If you find that they are already in, then use traps to capture them. If you find burrows, try and cover them with a sturdy net based trap door which will allow them to get out, but not back in. Once they are caught, they can be relocated into areas that are safe for them with plenty of food and water, so they won’t come back in search again. Another option to keep the armadillos out is to have plants with strong odor. This makes it unappealing for the armadillos.

You may also choose to use wood chips in your flower beds and landscaping as that acts as a deterrent to armadillos. They do find it a bit tough to run through the wood chips. You may also try planting some heavy perimeter plants near the fence, so that the entry to the yard is made tough. There are special parasitic worms that can be put into your soil that eat up all the grubs and insects that the armadillos are after. If they find no food in your yard, then they will leave you alone. If everything seems ineffective, you may approach professional armadillo removers to do the job.

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