Will a high-pitched sound deterrent machine work against armadillos?

There are many confused people out there who are not professionals and yet they try to inject commentary into the conversation of containing armadillos. These people believe that things such as mothballs, ammonias, castor oil, and high-pitched noise machines can deter armadillos from venturing onto their property and inflicting damage. Their unprofessional and uninformed opinions will only lead people astray. More specifically, they will lead people into wasting money and ruining the beauty and integrity of their yards. Do not give these people an audience or spend money using their faulty advice. This is especially true when it comes to using high-pitched sound deterrents to stop armadillos.

In the vast majority of cases, these high-pitched sound deterrent machines do absolutely nothing to stop armadillos from entering people’s yards and digging holes in their yards. The armadillos are undeterred by the noise of these machines. Despite this reality, we can see that there are numerous versions of these machines available on the market. These products are more or less black holes for your money. The fact that there are people who exploit the ignorant in this way is immoral, but it is also up to the consumer to be informed on the issue in which they are purchasing these products for.

There are also several problems connected to using these deterrents for stopping armadillos. Depending on how loud they are, there may be noise concerns in your neighborhood and you could land in legal difficulties if you use these high-pitched machines. Some of the machines that are on the market are expensive. Finances should be taken into consideration. Is it really worth it to spend an extreme amount of money on something that is not proven to work and even proven to not work? I should mention that the FTC has even labeled these products as fake products. They are more trouble than they are worth!

There is no panacea for an armadillo infestation and there is no easy fix that will prevent armadillos from entering your property. This includes those machines. This also includes mothballs and ammonia and other similar products that claim to stop armadillos from coming onto your property. If you fall for the scam, you have nobody to blame but yourself. Acknowledge that every single person who is selling you these products is essentially a con man selling you snake oil. These people do not operate if they do not have an audience or a sufficient customer base. Do not be a a part of their customer base.

Like other products that claim to deter armadillos, high-pitched sound machines are nothing but frauds designed to get people to spend their money on a product that they do not need and line the pockets of people who do not have their interests at heart. Armadillos are very determined to do a lot of the things that they do. There are not very many things that we as humans can do to stop them. Doing the proper amount of research and operating off of that is the best thing we can do to contain an armadillo infestation. Please do not fall for the easy solutions which do not exist. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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