Do mothballs or ammonia help repel armadillos?

The natural activities of armadillos cause enough of a disturbance for humans for them to labeled as pests in certain locations. As a result, a significant number of people have tried to reduce the amount of damage that armadillos have done to their respective properties. People usually try to trap the armadillos when they arrive in their yards which is effective. Other people are of the opinion that there is some way to prevent the armadillos from coming into their yards period. More specifically, they believe that mothballs and ammonia can repel armadillos. This opinion could not be any more flawed.

Armadillos do not care about mothballs and will not let mothballs stop them from digging holes for different purposes. Many homeowners who use mothballs in an attempt to stop armadillos from damaging their yards do not understand the long-term effects of their actions. These mothballs are made of materials that are hazardous for the environment and for humans in the long run. Environmental considerations must be taken into account when thinking of solutions to an armadillo infestation. It should also be mentioned that sprinkling mothballs all over your property is also detrimental to the aesthetic value of your yard. It is an eyesore!

Mothballs and ammonia tend to have a strong smell from the perspective from an armadillo too. Armadillos have sensitive noses meaning they are able to detect mothballs and ammonia fairly easily. For all these reasons, using mothballs to get rid of armadillos and can cause more problems than they solve. It is not worth the money to buy the mothballs and can even be considered an immoral and imprudent decision in the long term. It is better to use more proven solutions to armadillo infestations such as trapping the armadillos or building fencing to keep out various unwanted animals such as armadillos and raccoons.

On the subject of proven solutions, it is better to trap armadillos using study cages that can stand up to resistance from an armadillo and are large enough to contain the animal. Once the armadillo is trapped, local law will dictate what you do with it after that. In order to prevent the same armadillo from returning, you must relocate the armadillos and its babies or pups. This is the only way to contain an armadillo infestation and rectify it. Nothing else will work. If you want to fix an armadillo problem, this is the best way to do so.

For certain reasons, armadillos are considered pests. There are people who think that using mothballs can stop an armadillo infestation. However, using mothballs can cause more trouble than it is worth. It is not advisable to use mothballs because of environmental concerns, aesthetic concerns, and smell concerns. To put it simply, stories about the effectiveness of mothballs in stopping an armadillo infestation are nothing more than urban legends. Building fences around your property and trapping armadillos that make their way onto your property are much better ways of getting rid of armadillos. Do not waste your money and time on mothballs and ammonia.

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