Where do armadillos live? Do more armadillos live in urban areas or wild areas?

It is fascinating to learn about armadillos and the various aspects of their lives. Armadillos have evolved to live a lifestyle with unique characteristics and needs. Some needs armadillos have is an abundance of insects and places to use their armor effectively . As a result, there are places in the world where armadillos are better suited to live compared to other creatures and other areas. There is a very large area in which armadillos live and thrive. In this large area inhabited by these creatures, there are certain features such as climate and other nearby wildlife that are tailored for the survival of the armadillo.

Armadillos are most common in South and Central America as well as the Southern United States. The climate of these areas is one reason why armadillos choose to call this part of the world home. In a more specific sense, armadillos can inhabit rainforests and semi-deserts along with other such biomes. An armadillo has a slow metabolism and a lesser amount of fat stored in its body which means that cold weather spells trouble for these animals. Usually, armadillos are very selective about where they choose to live because of the soil that surrounds them. Armadillos also require their habitats to have ground soft enough to burrow into. Therefore, the easier the soil is to dig into, the more attractive it will be to them. While in these burrows, the armadillo can sleep for a major portion of a twenty-four hour day. Habitats rich in water are also attractive to armadillos.

The nine-banded armadillo is the only type of armadillo that lives in the United States. This specific species of armadillo has been expanding further northward overtime. Some of these armadillos can be found in some Midwestern states such as Missouri and Illinois. Nine-banded armadillos have also been moving westward. It should be noted that nine-banded armadillos have the greatest range of any existing species of armadillo. Like other armadillos, it goes without saying that they cannot be found in more arid regions. These armadillos have even been found in swamps, but it is rare for nine-banded armadillos to be found in those places. More dense populations of nine-banded armadillos are found in areas around sea level.

Armadillos in general choose not to make homes in places with large concentrations of humans such as large cities. There is a higher likelihood of finding an armadillo in a rural location or out in the wild period. In spite of this, man-made habitats such as golf courses can make ideal homes for armadillos. More famously, armadillos can be seen looking for food on the sides of roads where they often fall victim to traffic.

Armadillos inhabit a massive part of the Western Hemisphere. Their presence on this part of the globe is only growing. In summary, armadillos prefer to make their homes in somewhat warm places with sufficient amounts of water and soft ground that allows for a burrow to be dug with relative ease. The future expansion of the area that armadillos call home will be a fascinating thing to observe.

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