What Are Some Problems Caused By Armadillos Digging?

When it comes to pest animals, it is difficult to think of a creature that is quite as indestructible as the armadillo, and when it comes to dealing with their presence it is important to do so promptly. Armadillos do not really get injured by lethal traps because of their sturdy armor, while they very rarely consume poison as they are insectivores, so trapping and removal is really the only way to remove them effectively. When this isn't carried out quickly, here are some of the problems that they can cause when they are digging in the area around a domestic property.

Damage To The Areas Around Properties And Outbuildings

One of the natural instincts of an armadillo is to dig burrows across its territory, and when it does identify a domestic property within its territory then it can start to dig a burrow in that area. An armadillo will naturally look for areas among the roots of a tree, so the equivalent in these areas is burrowing up against the walls and foundations of domestic homes and outbuildings. Although it is rare, in some cases allowing an armadillo to continue digging in these areas can lead to structural instability or even subsidence as the ground sinks into the holes created by the armadillos.

Unsightly Holes On The Lawn

Another of the natural tendencies of the armadillo is to hunt for their food, and they are particularly fond of soft and flat areas, as this can allow them to pinpoint the location of their prey. Once they have identified the location of the earthworms or grubs, they will dig a shallow hole and then grab the animal before it can escape. Unfortunately, lawns are a great habitat for earthworms and grubs and other insects, and in just one night an armadillo can quickly dig tens of holes in the lawns as they try to get hold of the insects.

Undermining Of Fences

It is not just the digging that can cause problems, but in some cases the armadillos can also cause problems simply by the way that they get in and out of your yard or garden. It is easier for the armadillos to dig a small tunnel under the fence than it is to climb over the fence, but the side effect of this is that at times these tunnels they use to get under the fence actually undermine the fence posts and damage the fence itself.

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Armadillos are highly prolific diggers and hence perhaps one of the most destructive of pests as well. Their sturdy armor keeps them safe and their sharp claws help them in digging very effectively. It is not just mere holes and burrows and the loss of your precious plants and beautiful garden; an armadillo digging can cause you problems much beyond all this, if not attended to in time. While usually they dig in the yards and gardens, they are also found under the porches, and generally around the building, where you cannot see. They are nocturnal animals and can do a lot of damage in just one night. So, even if you suspect an armadillo activity, it is better to confirm and deal with it, whichever possible way seen effective.

What armadillo digging can cause?
It may sound a bit unrealistic, but armadillos can actually dig quite deep into the ground. Hence, when this is done close to your building, it can seriously damage the structural stability of your property. They are known to create burrows near to the walls and foundations of a property and that can prove dangerous. Often people complain about damaged porches, sidewalks, and breached foundations as a result of armadillo digging. There really is nothing as ugly as a fully dug up garden, or yard, with beautiful plants and shrubs strewn around. Often, the beautiful garden beds are the result of tedious hours of labor of love. To see it all thrown to pieces like that is really devastating. This is the other ugly side of the armadillo digging. And all this can happen in just one night. They are very fast and can completely dig up holes in your garden in their quest for food. While all this is only an attack on your aesthetic senses, the structural damages can actually cause you in thousands of dollars to repair.

If you have done fencing intending to keep the armadillos away, unless these are dug a bit deep into the ground, armadillos often dig underneath and find their way in. This is harmful to your fence as well as that becomes unstable and can fall or come off. Apart from all this, armadillos are also known to be the carriers of the leprosy causing bacteria as well as rabies too at times. These can be transmitted to you through their feces. So that is another downside of having armadillos digging in your yard.

Prevention is best
As they say, prevention is the best cure and it is always better to safeguard your property against armadillos. In the worst case, they can be trapped and relocated to safer habitats, where they cannot trouble humans. If you have tried a few DIY options to get rid of armadillos and found them to be ineffective, then it's best to seek professional help. There are qualified armadillo removers who can help you get rid of them and also plan for barring them from entering your property.

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