Is It Legal For Me To Trap An Armadillo?

There are many things to consider when you are trying to deal with a pest animal, and certainly with the armadillo and its tendency of trying to burrow beneath building foundations, it is important to act quickly. Local regulations can vary when it comes to dealing with pest animals, but it is also important to note that the armadillo is not considered to be a native species, so most areas will allow the trapping of armadillos. However, not all legislation is the same, and depending on where you are in the country, the legality of your actions can vary depending on the type of trapping you use, and what you do with the armadillo after it has been caught.

Laws Regarding Trapping In Texas And Florida

Two states where it is important to consider what you can do with armadillos is Texas and Florida, as in the majority of counties in these states it is legal to trap the animal but you can't remove it or transport it at all. With the lack of lethal traps that really are able to kill an armadillo efficiently because of its hard carapace, this makes the trapping of armadillos a much less practical option for the homeowner.

Checking Regulations In Other States

The most important thing to do is to check the regulations that are found in your home state, and to see what guidance they can offer as to whether or not you are actually able to trap armadillos. It is also worth noting that some counties or cities will only allow licensed professionals to trap armadillos, because they are an invasive species and in those areas legislators believe that euthanasia is the best way to deal with those animals.

Is It Legal To Relocate Armadillos?

While the laws about trapping vary throughout the country, you will also need to bear in mind what you are allowed to do with the animals once they have been trapped. Laws to keep invasive species in check and to prevent them from spreading further prohibit the transport of these creatures outside of the immediate area where the armadillo was caught. This is common in Texas and Florida, and is seen in many other counties where armadillos are a problem, but if this isn't legislated against, then relocating these gentle but frustrating creatures is a humane option that is often easier than killing the resilient animal.

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