What Equipment Is Needed To Trap An Armadillo?

When they are compared with other pest animals, armadillos are not especially elusive or difficult creatures to trap, and in most cases it will be possible for the novice to catch the offending animal with patience. Unlike other creatures that may eat traditional food, the armadillo is an insectivore, so even using bait is optional. The most important thing is to try and get rid of the animal as soon as possible, as the armadillo can be especially destructive, particularly when given access to a lawn or another flat part of a yard or garden.

  • 1. Cage Trap

  • This is the most important part of the equipment, and it is important to choose a sturdy cage that is large enough for an armadillo, with those that advertise being suitable for raccoons or feral cats being about the right size. A two-door trap will work best as the trap should be placed flush against a wall, and as the armadillos prefer the cover of walking alongside the wall, they will usually head straight for the trap.

  • 2. Low Fencing Material

  • It only really needs to be six inches or so in height, but creating a funnel fence to drive the armadillo towards the trap will help to make it more effective, and will force the armadillo into the trap. The armadillo is not usually the type of animal to try and push or cut its way through, so a thick plastic or wire should be suitable for this purpose.

  • 3. Gloves And Protective Clothing

  • When it comes to handling the trap and moving the animal, make sure you are wearing gloves and clothes with long sleeves, as not only may the animal try and snap or bite, but it may also try and spray you. The armadillo can release a pretty unpleasant smell, which you would not want to end up on your skin.

  • 4. Bait

  • Bait is really optional in this type of trapping, as the bait is secondary to the location and the funnel guiding the animal into the trap. If you do wish to use bait, a few earthworms restrained in a thin net or end of a stocking can work, while others use spoiled meat, although the problem with meat is that it can attract other animals.

  • 5. Blanket

  • Once you capture the armadillo in your trap, cover the trap in a blanket to protect yourself from bites or scratches, while the cover also makes it easier to transport the trap if you intend to relocate the armadillo.

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