What Is The Best Bait To Trap An Armadillo?

One of the most important things that can attract an animal to a trap is bait, or at least bait is important when you are trying to catch the majority of pest animals. The difference with armadillos to other creatures is that they don't really scavenge food, at least not in the same way that other animals do, either looking for fruit, vegetables, pet food or meat. Armadillos are actually insectivores, meaning that you will usually need to be a little more selective when it comes to choosing the right bait for the trap, but in reality the location and surroundings of the trap are more important to successful trapping.

Different Baits You Can Use To Catch An Armadillo

The important thing when finding bait that you can use is that in most cases it will be insects that prove most successful, and restraining a couple of earthworms or maggots in a fine net or the bottom of a stocking tied off can work as bait. There are some people who like to use spoiled meat as a type of bait, but the effectiveness of this for armadillos is not particularly high, and it can also attract other pest animals drawn to the scent.

Do You Really Need Bait?

There are many people who believe that because of the nature of the armadillo's diet, the approach to trapping should be different and take into account that it really is a different type of animal. The type of bait that can be successful when dealing with an armadillo is often difficult to source and place in the trap where it will be effective, so trapping armadillos without bait is a very viable option.

Choosing The Right Location

When you are looking for a good place to locate the trap, you should start by trying to find the area around the walls of a property or shed where the armadillo walks regularly, and the trap should be placed flush against the wall. If the armadillo does have a nest in a burrow beneath a shed or home, putting it as close to that as possible is a good option.

Guiding The Armadillo Into The Trap

The perfect trap is the one the armadillo can't avoid, so using wire mesh or thick plastic fencing material to create a small fence that leads the armadillo directly into the mouth of the trap, which will usually be enough to see the armadillo walking into the trap itself.

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To trap an armadillo, there are certain things needed in order to get the job done. The trap is obviously the most important thing. A location to put the trap is the next most important thing. As far as bait goes, there are people who use bait to trap armadillos and others who don’t use bait to trap armadillos. Using bait may actually be disadvantageous to your agenda of capturing an armadillo. As a result, it is better to avoid using bait for the trapping of an armadillo. It is unnecessary and is not proven to be effective in many cases.

To put it bluntly, there is no food or anything that can be used as a type of bait for armadillos. Armadillos will only eat food that they dig from the ground themselves. Normally, armadillos do not eat food that they find above ground or inside of a trap somewhere. This contradicts the nature of armadillos. When trying to trap an armadillo, the nature of the animal must always be taken into account. The factor that plays the biggest role in determining how long it takes for the armadillo to get trapped is where the trap is located and how it is setup.

Those who swear by armadillo bait use all kinds of things to lure the armadillos into their traps. There are people who use fruit and others who use cabbage. There are people who use earthworms as well as different kinds of meat. These people even go so far as to put the earthworms in an old sock or something of the sort. The problem with using these “baits” is that they can attract other types of pests from the smells and such. Therefore, using these “baits” is ill-advised and do nothing to help your situation. In fact, they can only compound the situation.

What may work is using the stench of other armadillos. Using previously captured armadillos as bait could work in your favor. The word “could” is strong and emphasized here. The big picture is that nothing works that will successfully bait armadillos. There is very little evidence to the contrary too. Basically, it is a massive waste of time and resources and energy to even consider using bait for trapping an armadillo. It is not needed period. On top of all of this, there are so many other factors at play when it comes to successfully trapping an armadillo.

Forget about baiting an armadillo with anything. It will not work and those who swear by it are superstitious and non-professional. Actual professionals are of the opinion that there is no such thing as an effective armadillo bait. Trying to use bait will only result in an even worse situation than the one that you are attempting to rectify. There is a vague chance that using the stench of another trapped armadillo may work, but there is little evidence to support this claim. Ignoring the claims of those who use bait will make your job much easier.

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