What Should I Do With An Armadillo After I Catch It?

If you are trapping armadillos, then you will almost always be using a cage traps, as almost every lethal trap is not strong enough to penetrate the tough carapace of these animals. Having the armadillo in a cage does help to make it easier to deal with the animal, but you will usually have some choices to make about whether or not you would like to relocate the animal or whether you would prefer to have the animal killed. The first step is also to put a blanket over the trap, otherwise the armadillo may try to bite, scratch you, urinate or even leave its musky scent on you.

Is It Legal To Relocate The Armadillo?

This will largely depend on where you are located and what the regulations in your state or county are about relocating animals. Some places will have regulations referring to pest animals, while others will relate to invasive species. The best way to check is to speak with your local animal services department, who should be able to tell you what you can and can't do when dealing with nuisance animals such as armadillos.

Choosing A Good Release Location

When looking for a suitable place to release an armadillo, the first step is to make sure that it is far enough away from the area where it is causing the problem, and between ten or twenty miles should put plenty of distance to prevent the animal from getting back. You should also consider if the release location is far enough away from other domestic or commercial properties, as you do not want to hand off a problem to someone else.

Transporting The Armadillo

Where possible, transporting the animal on a flatbed truck is the best option, as armadillos can release a rather pungent scent. Otherwise, make sure you put plenty of blankets down in the car, have the cage wrapped in a tarpaulin or blanket, and keep those windows open as you take the animal to the relocation spot.

Options For Euthanasia If Relocation Is Not Possible

Where relocation is not an option, you may have to look at humanely destroying the animal. Veterinarians will usually be able to administer a lethal injection, but for those who are looking for a home made alternative, asphyxiation by placing the cage in an airtight bag and then adding carbon monoxide to the air supply will also quietly euthanize the armadillo.

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