How do you know if you have an Armadillo under your shed?

ANSWER: If you live in the south and see a large burrow with a lot of soil/sand dug out, there's a good chance it's a dillo!

Armadillos are classified as pests because of the damages they cause when they get into your property. So how will you know if you have an armadillo under your porch or shed?

Ideally, armadillos have the habit of digging and burrowing, therefore if you come across large tunnels next to the shed or under the shed then chances are that there is an armadillo invasion. When you come across small holes dug in different areas in the yard then, you are likely to run into an armadillo. They will also burrow in cracking concrete under the porch in most cases.

Armadillos are nocturnal animals therefore they will always emerge during the night to burrow; under the porch, they make extensive burrows that can damage the original foundation of the structure.

Why do they burrow under the shed or porch? Armadillos usually burrow because of several reasons:
  • They usually burrow so that they can escape from being predated
  • They also burrow so that they can find a secure place to raise their young ones
  • During winter, they will burrow in these places in order to find warm place especially during the cold winter nights.
An armadillo also digs several burrows under these structures so that it can have a safe haven during its foraging period.

At times, it may be difficult to determine whether armadillos are under the shed or porch but signs of feeding can direct you to the actual location of the armadillos.

Armadillos usually feed on insects and in most cases they have to dig them up; therefore if you notice holes that are shallow around the yard, shed or porch then the probability of running into an armadillo is very high.

Carrying out a thorough inspection also helps to identify the presence of an armadillo in your property. At times, it may be challenging to identify the burrows because they are usually well hidden. There are certain instances where you will hear noises under your porch; it is advisable to check it out because an armadillo may be setting up its own home within your space.

Armadillos under your shed or porch may cause a lot of damage because they usually tamper with the landscape when they dig and burrow their own channels. Apart from distracting your foundation, they usually make screaming and squealing noises that usually irritate especially during the night. When they rub their armors against the structures, there will be production of noises that are equally disruptive.

It is therefore to ensure that you take the correct measures that will drive them away within the shortest time possible.

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